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what we do

 In brief, we help you turn your ideas into reality. With our wide network of startups, SMEs and Large companies; we are working with founders, CEOs and executives to validate ideas, and build the perfect product with sustainable growth and income stream.

Our talented team of project managers, designers, developers and strategists will make sure we become an extension of your team.

It’s all about building the perfect brand, and product – a success story!

why startup aide?

We can solve the 3 main issues startups and entrepreneurs face

1. finding a reliable tech partner

With a solid foundation of tech and project management, we thrive to strategize, build and deliver a top-notch product.

Your success is our success, and that’s what we will be aiming for every step of the way.

Let us start an outstanding story together.

2. launch in time

Our main objective when handling a project, is delivering on time. We are very strict with deadlines and deliverables.

This is how we can estimate the best timing of having a complete project that’s ready to launch.

Timely delivery is a serious matter!

3. quality & cost efficiency

Most startups are always scared when approaching companies for consultancy, branding, or to build their MVP. The budgets are often beyond their expectations.

This is why we have built special packages for startups to provide them with top quality services, a clear transparent schedule, cost-efficiently.

Let’s talk!

are you a founder or a startup?

Our all-in-one 3-step process generates digital products that will grow your business

product strategy

Have a great idea?

We fully explore your idea from a technical point of view.
The result is an extensive report of the recommended architecture, technologies, basic wireframes for the main workflows and a cost estimate.

minimum viable product

Let’s build it together!

An agile development team is assembled to build the minimum viable version of your product.
Fixed scope, fixed costs. Go to market in 3 months.

true aide

Digital Care Package

Ongoing support and bugfixes with guaranteed turnaround time. True Aide provides you piece of mind and ensures our technical team will be there when there is a bug, you have an idea to discuss or need one-off tasks to be done.

innovation & digital transformation

Our team of digital experts will take your business to the next level

innovation audit

We analyze the processes and workflows of your company, looking for areas that could be optimized with digital solutions.

solution workshop

We fully explore the possible digital solutions for a specific problem and we come up with a detailed plan on how to implement it in the most effective way.

design workshop

A 5-day long process during which we design and test a clickable prototype of the previously specified solution.


Our agile development team builds the functional version of your new digital solution.

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